Cyndie Kissel

Teachers - Music Teacher

About Me

Hi!  I am very happy to be teaching music to so many enthusiastic and wonderful students!   I haven't always taught Music, but have been a classroom teacher in grades K, 1, 2 and 4 throughout my long career!  I started teaching my own Music and soon other teachers wanted me to teach their Music classes as well, so I progressed to Music 5 and 6, and eventually even Band 7 and 8.

I was never  trained as a Music teacher, but I certainly have learned a lot over the years!  I must say that I really love the challenge and fun that I have in the Music Room!

I was raised, and still live, in the Village of Glendon!  Glendon is a great little community and I love the small town feel!  I am married to my husband of 35 years and we raised three wonderful daughters!  Just last year I became a grandmother to a beautiful baby girl.  She is certainly the light of our lives right now!

My husband and I both come from large families and appreciate our extended family very much.  Nothing is more important than getting along with them and supporting each other, not to mention the many laughs and good memories we make when we are all together!

I have always enjoyed participating in sports but especially love horseback riding! Camping, blueberry picking and playing guitar also rate high on my list of fun things to do!  Times spent sitting by a campfire with friends or a fireplace with a book are valued times and I certainly look forward to these moments. 

I volunteer with the Glendon Catering Club and the Glendon and District Historical Society, at this time.  This means I am not quite as busy as I used to be when our girls were young!

I certainly look forward to meeting you! Please stop by the Music Room for a visit!