Jane Drummond

About Me

My name is Jane Drummond and I have been teaching for a "thousand" years.  I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Math in Computer Science in 1983.  I worked as a computer programmer and consultant for a few years, but realizing that I loved the "teaching"  part of my job,, I applied to complete by B. Ed.   I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Education in 1987.  I taught kindergarten and grade 1 for a year and a half at a fly-in reserve in Northern Ontario.  I then taught in Ontario cottage country for 3 years teaching kindergarten and then grade 2. 

I married my husband and happily moved to Alberta in 1992 where I started teaching kindergarten in 1994 at Ardmore School.  I taught grade one for a few years, and then in 2011 I moved to grade 4 at Duclos School in Bonnyville. 

I love my job!!!!

Do know that you are always welcome to come in to my classroom and watch our children learn!