3W Mrs. Waskiewich

3W NEWSLETTER – 2017-2018

Welcome to a new school year! My name is Mrs. Debbie Waskiewich, and I am very pleased to be teaching Grade 3 this year with your children. I’m looking forward to meeting you, so please be sure to stop in to say hello.

Below is a list of information that I trust you will find useful for this school year:

  1. Communication – I send a newsletter once a month to keep you updated on our classroom activities. Information is recorded daily by your child in his/her agenda. I also encourage you to sign up to get Remind messages from me – see the attached paper for sign-up instructions. I may phone you with urgent information. Your child will be bringing home periodically a “Boomerang Folder” containing assessments they have recently completed. Duclos School has two parent-teacher interviews when you and I can discuss your child’s progress in Grade 3. You may email me at, book a face-to-face meeting (if needed), write a note in your child’s agenda – whatever works for us!
  2. School Supplies – Supplies will be given to your child as soon as payment is received. Grade 3 supplies = $55.00.
  3. Attendance – Please notify the school (office and/or me) as soon as possible if your child will be absent from school since excusable and inexcusable absences and tardy arrivals are entered into our computer system twice a day.

Classes begin promptly at 8:43 AM, lunch begins at 11:59 AM and classes are dismissed at 3:20 PM.

  1. Allergies – No peanuts and/or nut products are allowed in order to protect those students attending Duclos School with severe allergies. Any items found in your child’s lunch that do and/or may contain nuts and/or peanuts will be sent home.
  2. Missed Work – As a practice, I do not send work when a student is planning to be away from school for several days (e.g. on a holiday). Upon their return, they will have time to complete any missed work at the school and possibly at home. If a child is absent for several days due to illness, I will send work home if requested.
  3. Library – The children will visit the school library once a week on Wednesday. Please assist your child to promptly return his/her borrowed books.
  4. Arrival to School – Classes begin promptly at 8:43 AM. Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time. It is very disruptive when students arrive after class has already begun. Unless arriving by bus, please have your child come to the classroom between 8:25-8:35 because there is no supervision before then, and students need the time to get ready for the day. I understand that certain things happen that may be out of your control, so if your child is going to be late, please call and let us know. Please let them report their arrival at the office and then make their way to the classroom quietly on their own to avoid further disruption.
  5. Agendas – Your child will be bringing an agenda home each day in which he/she has copied assignments and announcements. Please refer to this book daily with your child to ensure homework is completed on time and notes are read and signed promptly. Please initial each date upon reviewing it with your child.
  6. Microwave – Since we DO NOT have a microwave available in our classroom, please do not send lunches with your child that require heating. If your child prefers hot lunches, you may wish to invest in a Thermos. Students are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to keep on their desk during class time. Students are allowed to have other drinks (e.g. juice) at lunch and/or recess.
  7. Physical Education – We have PE on a daily basis so it is important that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing. If your daughter wears a skirt or dress, please send in shorts or pants for her to change into. Also, any students without proper footwear (i.e. running shoes) will NOT be allowed to participate in any PE activities for safety reasons. Sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, dress shoes, stocking feet or bare feet will not be permitted. 
  8. Scholastic Book Orders – Once a month, I send home book order forms. Orders usually arrive within two weeks from the order date.
  9. Clothing – Please send an extra set of clothes (i.e. shirt, pants, socks, underwear) with your child to be kept at school.
  10. Parent Volunteers – You are most welcome in our classroom! If you wish to volunteer your time this year, please notify me the date(s) and time(s) in your child’s agenda. If you would like for me to send things home for you to help me with, please let me know. Hope to see you soon!
  11. Fundraising – 3W holds some fundraising activities (e.g. hot lunches) throughout the year to help offset costs for classroom materials and field trips. Your assistance with any of these activities will be greatly appreciated!
  12. School Entrances Please be advised that all outside doors will be locked from 9:00am until 3:00pm. The only doors that will remain unlocked during the day are at the main entrance. Please stop at the secretary’s desk and check in if you are at the school for any reason during the school day. If you are picking up your child for an appointment, the secretary will call me and I will send your child to the office.
  13. Dismissal – Students will NOT be dismissed from class until the bell rings at 3:20pm unless I am informed that you will need to pick your child up early for an appointment. For safety reasons, if you need to collect him/her prior to 3:00 p.m., please sign your child out at the office.

Here’s to a great year!



Mrs. D. Waskiewich - 3W Teacher

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