3M Mrs. Mercier

Please join us on Remind 101 by texting @smercie to (705) 230-0094

Hello Parents and Students! Welcome to an exciting school year in grade 3! My name is Mrs. Stacy Mercier and this is my 19th year with NLSD. This is my 8th year teaching grade 3. Please check out the attached curriculum overview to see what we will be covering this year.

The following are some important items to consider that will help me keep our classroom running smoothly:

  • The school day officially begins with the first bell at 8:40. Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time. It is very disruptive when students arrive after class has already begun. Anytime after 8:25 and before 8:35 is ideal as there is limited supervision until then and it gives students plenty of time to get ready for the day. I understand that certain things happen that are uncontrollable, so if your child is going to be late please call and let us know. Then, please let them come into the class quietly on their own to avoid further disruption.
  • As per our school policy, student supplies and agenda will be given as soon as payment of $55.00 has been made using schoolcashonline. Your child will then take home his/her pencil box. Please label ALL items and return the supplies to school the next day. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the school.
  • We have Physical Education (gym) on a daily basis so it is important that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing. If your daughter wears a skirt or dress, please send in shorts for her to change into. Also, any student without the proper footwear – running shoes - will NOT be allowed to participate in any P.E. activities due to the risk to their safety. Sandals, flip-flops, stocking feet or bare feet will not be permitted. Mr. Bauer is our P.E. teacher.
  • Library is scheduled once per week this year and our time is on Wednesdays from 12:23-12:53.
  • Just Read continues in grade 3 and students are encouraged to read for at least 20 minutes every day. There is a calendar included in the agenda that has a spot to record daily reading. Please record the number of minutes your child reads not chapters.
  • There is a weekly spelling test of words that will be introduced on the first day of each week. Spelling work will be started on Mondays and whatever is not completed will be sent home for homework. This is due back on the last school day for the week to be reviewed before the test is written. Please practice these words at home regularly with your child.
  • There is NOT a microwave available for student use so please send only lunch items that do not require heating. Students are welcome to bring water bottles to drink water from during class time. Juice or other sugary drinks will only be allowed at lunch or recess.
  • No nut products or anything that “may contain” nuts are allowed in Duclos School to protect those students with severe allergies. Any items found in your child’s lunch that do contain nuts will be sent home.
  • I will be communicating with you through notes, student agendas, Remind 101 and sometimes email. Please be sure to read the agenda and sign it each night. This is also where any homework assignments will be listed that were not finished during the day. Feel free to write a note and slip it into the agenda as I usually check them at the end of the day. If there is something that I need to know in the morning, please tell your child to let me know or show me their agenda when they arrive.
  • Another form of communication that I will use is a class newsletter “3M News”. This will be sent home at the beginning of each month to keep you informed on upcoming events in the class and around the school. 
  • You will also see a "Boomerang Folder" come home about once per month. This will hold assignments and/or assessments for you to sign up and return or for your child to keep home for review. Pockets in the folder are labelled accordingly.
  • I will send home a Scholastic book order every month that you may order books from for your child, if you wish. Please check the order form for due dates.
  • Parent volunteer opportunities are limited to field trips, class parties, hot lunches and/or bake sales. I will send a notice home if volunteers are otherwise needed in the class.
  • If you drop off or pick up your child, please be aware that the parking lot behind the school is designated for staff parking only.  
  • Please be advised that all outside doors will be locked from 9:00am until 3:00pm. The only doors that will remain unlocked during the day are in the main entrance. Please stop at the secretary’s desk and check in if you are at the school for any reason during the school day. If you are picking your child up for an appointment the secretary will call me and I will send him/her down to the office.
  • Students will NOT be dismissed from class at the end of the day until the bell rings at 3:20 unless I am informed that you will need to pick your child up early for an appointment.
  • If you need to contact me for whatever reason, please call the school at 780-826-3992 and leave a message with the secretary. I will return your call as soon as possible. Or you may email me at

Finally, please know that I am dedicated in making this school year a rewarding and special learning experience for your child. My expectations for academic growth and conduct are high. I strongly believe that the following criteria are necessary in making your child’s education a priority:

  1. Demonstration of mutual respect, courtesy and honesty
  2. Punctuality and good attendance
  3. Having a positive attitude
  4. Students always putting forth their best effort in every task
  5. Completing all assignments to the best of their ability
  6. Teachers and parents working together with frequent contact

I am looking forward to a creative, productive and fun year together! 

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